I walk along the path to where I need to be, I hear a tiny cry, going pass me. I listen again, as what I need to hear a silent cry, that’s reaches to my ears. As I listen again as to what I need to hear,the silent cries are in the air, are coming from there to here. There are so common as you may know, but people don’t listen, to what they need to know. The silent cries are every where, don’t just stand there just listen. The cries are not just for me and you, they are from the very old, and the unborn too. The unheard tears, that we can’t hear, its the silent ones you fear.



We are mothers strong and true,we love our kids no matter what they do,we stand by them through thick and thin,even tho we don’t win. When there in trubble give a shout we jump in with out a doubt,though there heart ache and pain we surport them with no shame. As we guild them through there lifes I wonder how they can survive. Love and sorrow we can share,we surport them any where,strenth to strenth we can trust we love our kids its a must. A mother is your best friend she loves you so much,she looks after you with a gentle touch. A mother is for life no matter how old you are,when you ever you need us no matter how far. In these hands with a cheer,than you mother dear

poppies day 

The  unsung heroes of our time , we give thanks for what they did , as the popies flow across the  land , we honour those who gave up there lifes in the name of freedom , so we may live  ours , though caurage and bravery , they fought with against all ods , many suffered , we pray for those we have lost , in battle .                    May your souls live forever , amongst the stars of gods domain .                     

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So many poems , I have written,  I have created a another page for stories too , into the world where the heart seeks it’s desires , stories of where the imagination begins,

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I see her standing there ‘ looking so delicate like a rose petal refined with a sweet scent of apple blossom.

Her picturesque beauty ‘ as all eyes are apon her ‘as she gracefully walks through the gardens.

As with each delicate touch she smells the blossoms with the most wonderful fragrance ‘ that filters the air along with a gentle breeze.

For this graceful creature that walks apon the gardens with the air of gentleness in her manner.

For she is known as flower girl ‘ she loved all things that grows within the earth .

Such beauty I dare not take my eyes away from such a vision of loveliness ‘ I must meet her ‘ do I dare be so bold ‘ to offer my services ‘ to escort her to afternoon tea.

The vision I see such beauty as to behold as gracious creature that you ever had the pleasure to meet.

The bewilderment in her eyes ‘ when she smiled that sparkled with light ‘ as she laughed.

I am blessed from such a meeting ‘ will I ever be the same again ‘ for she had captured my heart ‘ for one moment in time ‘ that will last for ever.

Love us a feeling ‘ deep in your soul ‘ it spreads through your body ‘ with out control .

It reaches our hearts ‘ at the speed of light ‘ without any assistance ‘ or with out a fight .

Life has become hard to bare ‘ some people think we just don’t care ‘ its a battle just to survive ‘ with all our emotions ‘ we take in our strife .

Some times we laugh ‘ some times we cry ‘ even some times we don’t even know why .

This life we lead ‘ we try to find ‘ true love in our hearts ‘ and not in our minds ‘ we hope and praye ‘ for it to be real ‘ but as it is ‘ its a bad deal .

With all our feelings high and low ‘ I wonder if how this are slow .
Through strength to strength ‘ that love can be ‘ gentleness and honestly ‘ is for you and me .

Love and cuddles all day long ‘ Sharing wine ‘ and a song ‘ this love ‘ for you and me ‘ god bless us for all eternity .

Being alone as I stand there not knowing what to do ‘ as I ask for help ‘ do they listen ‘ they do not ‘ as I turn away from prying eyes .

Where in this world ‘ who would hold out there hand ‘ in friendship who would offer help .

As I stand alone ‘ watching the world go by ‘ as I feel being let down ‘. By the world we live in .

People judge you ‘ with out knowing the truth ‘ what’s beneath the lies ‘ pain and despair ‘ behind the eyes ‘ as well the heart full of sorrow.

As I hide my inner torment ‘ what’s ripped my heart and soul apart.

As I stand alone ‘ as the world begins its day ‘ I hide my tormented thoughts about my past ‘ as it creeps up before your eyes ‘ hiding in shadows ‘ waiting to surface.

As I take charge of my mind and soul ‘ I must heal myself ‘ I do this just to survive ‘ in this world of ours .

Who amongst us holds the world ‘ of ours on our shoulders ‘ as you take charge of life ‘ you move forward ‘ and see the world ‘ what life can bring .

Pictures are special moments ‘ you have them in your heart ‘ you always have them with you ‘ that’s before you start .

Its a feeling you get ‘ with a gentle smile ‘ then you remember ‘ that’s its been a while .

When you talk to friends ‘ about your lifes day ‘ then some thing you can remember ‘ and you say hey ‘ then you remember the special moment you had ‘ its left you feeling all warm ‘ and very sad .

Pictures are special memories ‘ you have in your heart ♥ ‘ when your feeling alone ‘ then you see them as art .

You empty all the boxes ‘ which you have inside ‘ you look at all those memories ‘ then you decide.

Some special moments ‘ you don’t want to share ‘ these are the private ones ‘ and you don’t really care .

As you talk to friends ‘ do they remember the same ‘ who knows what they think ‘ they are watching the game .

With all those memories you shared ‘ and the ones you don’t ‘ they are safely put away ‘ with a little note .