I walk along the path to where I need to be, I hear a tiny cry, going pass me. I listen again, as what I need to hear a silent cry, that’s reaches to my ears. As I listen again as to what I need to hear,the silent cries are in the air, are coming from there to here. There are so common as you may know, but people don’t listen, to what they need to know. The silent cries are every where, don’t just stand there just listen. The cries are not just for me and you, they are from the very old, and the unborn too. The unheard tears, that we can’t hear, its the silent ones you fear.



We are mothers strong and true,we love our kids no matter what they do,we stand by them through thick and thin,even tho we don’t win. When there in trubble give a shout we jump in with out a doubt,though there heart ache and pain we surport them with no shame. As we guild them through there lifes I wonder how they can survive. Love and sorrow we can share,we surport them any where,strenth to strenth we can trust we love our kids its a must. A mother is your best friend she loves you so much,she looks after you with a gentle touch. A mother is for life no matter how old you are,when you ever you need us no matter how far. In these hands with a cheer,than you mother dear

The house of tears

The house that weeps is sad and lost , no one loved it , but at what cost , it turns to dust , piece by piece , the once loved home as we left , the house that weeps is no more , the house that weeps fall to the floor .

No more laughter , but only tears , the house that weeps cries for years , it needs love ,to be strong , the house that weeps ,will sing it song .

It needs a family ,to fill it with love , the house that weeps , will shine above , the house that weeps , cries no more , it’s a home again for ever more .

Child hood memories. Childhood memories been and gone , all put away in a scape book, that’s where they belong , in years gone by way ahead , they take out the book , and read about what’s been said , all those adventures, they all shared in life , now there all older , they take in there strife . Childhood memories, is what they made , laugh and jokes in the everglade , pranks and games , by those who dared , they took there turns , not to be scared, all these things which they had done , there best of friends and had fun , there’s nothing like being a kid , they got away with it , except for poor cid , now there grown , kids no more , the scape book comes out , for them to explore , childhood memories never fade , to share those secrets , beyond the grave.

NIGHT TERRORS . In the mist of darkness , and you sleep , and your nightmares begin and you weep , when no one hears you scream or cry , you wake up and want to die , when you see things that are not there , you wake up from being scared . You must open your mind and look within, before the healing starts to begin , there you will find the truth lays , it’s all your worries come out to play , knowing your heart and your mind , release your stress and leave it behind , now you know what to do , live without fear within you .

ME AND MY SHADOW . You stand there in the edge of darkness , as shadows dance all around you , as fear spreads though out your body , you become unsure on what’s real and what’s not , you look around and theirs no one there ,life itself becomes unbearable , you are alone. As the moon shines it’s light down on you , you know tis your own fear that strikes you down into your soul . When you cast a giant shadow , only then when the light shines though, you know the truth , the uncertainty of life becomes clear , and all is revealed, the edge of loniness , makes us all mistrust who we really are .

LIFE AND DEATH. Death comes with a shadow , now you’re life is at an end , with all those memories you once had , will now silently fall away , your souls may weep , in light and in darkness ,in that we keep , as we had lived through out our time , we learn how to forgive, with the grace that shines . As death comes to us all , all I can say , that I hope Iifes memories, never fade away , with a single heart beat , new life begins , as light shines in , with tiny wings , the day of rebirth , has began , life continues for you my son .